5 simple ways to avoid smart phone addiction


Smartphone addiction is a phenomenon in which people are unable to control their cellphone usage. They spend hours of their day on the phone, even when they are not using it for its primary function such as making calls.

It is important to be aware of the time we spend on our phones and take breaks from them every now and


1.set schedule on yoursef

the most basic think is your phone refrain from  you can setting alarms how often you can check it. you can  Start with every 25 minutes, move every half hour, every 45 after minutes or every hour. When your alarm start,  Spend two minutes on all notifications then  reset the alarm.

 2.Turn off notifications as possible.

hinder you“like” “comment” that your latest social media update receives or with the message/ that yourfavorite actor and they are update post just released a new episode. to Avoide addiction simple way to cut down ondistractions is to turn off unnecessary notifications for as many apps as you can Just go to setting > Notifications to control your. For myself I have kept notice only for this  email, messages, and important apps. which only activate when I’m using them.

3.apps off your home screen

A lot of phone users are unconscious behavior.You shift from Facebook, Instagram, social media to checking the weather to texts.you can shift yourself to reading .Keep the apps that you want to home screen yourself to use  like those for reading or learning a new language , but you make anything that you want to limit your time with to folders on your second page of apps,you can be busy with them.To go a step further, you  delete certain apps such as Facebook or Twitter. for fewdays leave smartphone’s web browser.

4.Kick out your device out of bed 

Don’t let the phone be the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning.you can using the regular alarm clock and charging your phone out of reach, Don’t start the day with a phone message

5.you have a smart speaker, you have to use it.

Nowadays many companies have smart speakers that you can use individually if you want. They help you to live a skin free life. We will try to answer all the basic questions through voice. This will keep you away from the smart phone for a long time.

(=The best way to avoid addiction is to set limits. For example, if you find yourself reaching for your phone in the morning, try not checking it until after you’ve had breakfast. If you’re trying to stop checking your phone at night, put it on airplane mode before bed and leave it in another room.=)