Georgia System Cuts 215 Defunct Programs

The University System of Georgia is axing 215 inactive academic programs across 18 institutions, citing a continued lack of enrollment, The Athens Banner-Herald reported.

The programs—a mix of degrees, certificates and majors—are being discontinued because none have enrolled a student in two years and are therefore inactive. Of the 18 institutions in the system, some saw more programs discontinued than others, with the highest number of cuts at the University of Georgia, with 43, followed by 32 at Georgia Southern University and 26 at Augusta University. By contrast, some colleges only saw program cuts in the single digits.

A system official described the discontinuation of initiative programs as a “clean-up.” The University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents approved the program terminations last week.

Various specialties in teacher education undergraduate programs are highly represented in the 215 cuts. Certificate programs, across disciplines, also make up many of the programs cut.

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